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Ruay Bot(IQ Option)

Ruay Bot trades Binary Options automatically.

Bot Features

*Ruay Bot exclusively trades Binary.

*Ruay Bot trades Binary Options automatically.

*Ruay Bot can be used with OTC markets.

*Ruay Bot can only be installed on Windows 64-bit operating system.

*Can be used on a demo account with unlimited time.

*You can manually set the currency pairs for the bot to trade, or allow the bot to trade the currency pairs that are open in the market.

*It has a money management system, such as increasing the amount in the next order in case of profits or losses.

!!! Warning !!!

Using the bot carries a high level of risk, and you could lose all the funds in your trading account.

If customers are willing to accept this risk and choose to use our bot,

we do not guarantee the bot's performance and are not liable for any losses incurred from the bot's operations.

By using the bot, customers are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions outlined above.

Read before placing an order.

Customers can configure and use the bot with a demo account as per the instructions provided by us (Article menu).

We do not provide PYBOT installation services under any circumstances.

We will provide assistance only if payment has been confirmed and the account number has not yet been activated.

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E-mail : thanat.th@gmail.com

Telegram : @whilecoding

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